Be You!


                                                                     Be You!

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 When the sun goes down and your soul is tired,

What do you do to get up spark your soul's fire?

Do you look deep into your heart for that smile?

Or look for the memories in the former past isle?

I say both might work just fine to spark and ignite 

you alone might be just the reason to spread the light

what a beautiful gift it is to be yourself pure and plain

shatter barriers of normal and break the iron chain

Your shadow creates an image larger than you

Glory! that miracle can only be created by a few

Walk-in your own shoes, strong and keep chin up

Suddenly you are drinking joy from the eternal cup

That awesome person hidden in you yearns for you

it believes strongly and always cheers up for you

so when you see the sun go down do remember 

 the happiness that makes you smile like an ember

                                                                                                            -Dhruv Pandya©



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