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Ballad of an Old Soul!

 Shree Ganeshay Namah!  I wrote this poem with inspiration or words from within... Lately, the time has been a bit strenuous and every day is a new revelation. Hope this makes sense or resonates with you... And yes, I am choosing a Gandalf Pic! No one is a better old soul than  Gandalf the Grey!                          Ballad of an Old Soul! Do not keep looking back, nor carry that memory sack Else it gets harder to walk, as your past sneak and stalk When your eyes gaze straight, you are molding a vital trait the future is in thoughts vanguard, now is the time! to toil very hard Ready your crew, choose wisely! think through and plan p recisely Synergy of the vision is paramount, For history to scribe glorious account When your boots are on the ground, there will be folks who will frown  navigate and keep marching ahead, while fear of criticism you shed  Preserve your identity and beliefs, As you emerge from the oceanic reefs lead as the light guides a soul free, amidst the storm, as a