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જય શ્રી ગણેશાય નમઃ  Leader When I embarked on my journey towards corporate culture, I was fresh out of the non-profit world. Believe it or not, it's like a sheep trying to survive in a lion's den for a handsome prize. Nevertheless, fate always has plans, and then there are mentors. These individuals are heroes who have a passion to help, train, and most important of all Listen! I have been lucky enough to be a mentee to some of the amazing mentors throughout my personal and professional career. Without them, I would not have survived the lion's den. One of my Mentor is leaving the company soon and I would like to dedicate this poem as a gift to her!  When one sails through life’s sea, Opposing current sculpts you to be To be the one befriending the wave Amidst fiery sea rosed path one pave That bravery to pave a rut is titanic  Formidable soul’s character galvanic For hardwork has no one cinch vicar One’s vision and greater goal bigger One always sentinels its pupil prize S


 On the horizon, there shines a sun, far yet too far, still our hopes spun, will our lives be pure, enlightened  or confident spirit guilelessly burnt  human being enacts the wily villain  in this gratifying saga of the billion governed by greed and stinginess exploiting one, another we suppress transforming protection to extortion charity by stealing from poor portion  velvet cover over the grotesque mire revolutionaries need to say Yes, Sire! Hope prevails still, for me and you as long as erudite never bid adieu  Accept the reality and think plain ask the right questions, no disdain -Dhruv Pandya,04/08/21