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The Dawn !

29 June 2017 (Source:         Hello, all!  I would like to start my first blog this year by bowing down to the Lord and my mother. For many days this blog haunted my conscious, as if it was telling me to come back and start writing(Warning: The posts which were posted earlier were 9 years back and was work of a teen :-) ). So now the time has come for me to write !  in spite of being mediocre in the English language.          So Faith in God! What is to have faith in God? Is it easy to walk with the Master on an unknown path? Well, my dear American Mother Mary just answered that for me today morning or I must say she enlightened me as she always does. Faith is when you stop saying "Please " to God and start saying "Thank You" to him. In many favorable/unfavorable conditions, a human being is baffled with what is going around him/her. In those situations what are we supposed to do?  I am going to write this in a very easy mann