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This poem is dedicated to one of my co-workers who inspired me!  Seldom you get an opportunity in this world where narcissism does not govern your actions. We are in an age of social media and accessible sharing capabilities where want our voices to be heard, loud and clear. For me, introspection is a great way to communicate and identify my destination. A destination for the ultimate happiness and peace. The most difficult part is to keep narcissism and introspection separate. I try to learn the art while continuing my journey!  Image: Xuan Zang  Credits:  Wikipedia Journey For life is a story to stand tall, humble and learn when we fall Pilgrim, keep the focus on the sun not on the road, fly and run But it also valid to halt, sit when a pause in thoughts hit explore the great world within It is a beautiful and simple win Look within, introspect and reflect Listen to thyself  and not deflect  there resides an image deep in core envisage the purest of you and more More you listen, more