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    Recently one of my friends(who shall remain unnamed and hails from the house of Ravenclaw) reached out to me with a pressing subject that I had discussed with him on multiple occasions as a concern, "The purpose of my existence". Sounds like a superficial worry, not for us! We have discussed this subject for hours from the miles-long walk on the university campus to the buzzing streets of Beverly hills. Anyways, he expressed the same concern about "why does he exist?" "What is the purpose of life?" "Are we doing the right thing in life?" These are the same questions I asked him and he returned them to me personalizing them with his label! Well, as it was his worry now, I tried to do some introspection and concluded with one derivation which has always been a strong modus operandi for my life, id est, to Serve Silently. Serve for those with no voice, no benefits, and no representation. I would love to just be there and serve without any recogn

Be You!

                                                                                                                                                          Be You! Image Credits: link   When the sun goes down and your soul is tired, What do you do to get up spark your soul's fire? Do you look deep into your heart for that smile? Or look for the memories in the former past isle? I say both might work just fine to spark and ignite  you alone might be just the reason to spread the light what a beautiful gift it is to be yourself pure and plain shatter barriers of normal and break the iron chain Your shadow creates an image larger than you Glory! that miracle can only be created by a few Walk-in your own shoes, strong and keep chin up Suddenly you are drinking joy from the eternal cup That awesome person hidden in you yearns for you it believes strongly and always cheers up for you so when you see the sun go down do remember   the happiness that makes you smile like an ember