Recently one of my friends(who shall remain unnamed and hails from the house of Ravenclaw) reached out to me with a pressing subject that I had discussed with him on multiple occasions as a concern, "The purpose of my existence". Sounds like a superficial worry, not for us! We have discussed this subject for hours from the miles-long walk on the university campus to the buzzing streets of Beverly hills. Anyways, he expressed the same concern about "why does he exist?" "What is the purpose of life?" "Are we doing the right thing in life?" These are the same questions I asked him and he returned them to me personalizing them with his label! Well, as it was his worry now, I tried to do some introspection and concluded with one derivation which has always been a strong modus operandi for my life, id est, to Serve Silently. Serve for those with no voice, no benefits, and no representation. I would love to just be there and serve without any recognition and spend as much as the love I can. Well, the work below is me questioning and answering myself. A bit of process which is evident of my human flaws. Hope you can connect and like it. 

Image credits: MavericPhilshopher

   What do I really exist for?

Is it to open a closed door?

The questions above baffle me

What am I really meant to be?

Am I meant to be a star?

Shine bright like a diamond afar?

or do I exist to be a moth?

flying to the light with a troth


Is it just about to keep walking or?

 be a showman and keep rocking?

the meaning of all that exists

is my friend a surprising twist

I believe that to exist is to live!

It's never about getting but to give!

To inhale one must always exhale

That simple is our life's tale

The question about my existence?

is due to lack of my acceptance.

The idea that I would conserve

is that I only exist to serve! 

-Dhruv Pandya© 



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