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શ્રી ગણેશાય નમઃ  Clueless! I am obliged to be clueless being a kahuna, I am viewless Do I really need to be enlightened? or I can help other lives brighten. Elated I am to be called doltish In a sagacious setting, a bit coltish what gain I secure being esoteric I rather be a jester, mere amphoteric What should I be the paragon of?  jester, esoteric, amphoteric, behove maybe even improve a pinch more before I bid adieu to my life chore Bestrew the world with kin guffawing uplift the spirits, love, uproot gnawing beautiful finches warble in the zion conclude my calling and be God's scion -Dhruv Pandya  ©  4/12/2021