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Let Go

  Breaking the cloud there roared a ray of light It seemed pretty determined, ready to fight but for when it gave the pretty rose a kiss The fire and flight were over and just bliss For we as humans are prone to a fight and expected to exhibit a roaring might How stressful it is to just keep repeating? Over and over have the same drum beating I saw a lion resting and loving his child While he is the king of the untamed wild For once he had learned what love feels How simply and fast the inner rage heals For once we have to let go and be free That is when we start to climb the tree tree of kindness, grace, and perennial joy Learning about the master's ultimate ploy So let go! I say, brothers and sisters of all the rage, fire, anger, and fight  Be at the arena with a different might Might of the almighty's greatest gift gift of love and kindness we happily lift Dhruv Pandya  © Sept 9, 2023