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શ્રી ગણેશાય નમઃ  A call from nature... I have found myself lazy and lethargic in many situations, usually the ones I think I can conquer in minutes. It has nothing to do with my capacity to accomplish the task or my intelligence. It is a lack of sheer willingness to do things. I believe I am not the only one who is affected by the pandemic of laziness and thought to think about sharing some message for others. Being a nature lover and wilderness amateur I started pondering on what motivates me? What are the few things in nature I can draw motivation and a positive message? Something which relates to the reality we live in. I found them in many and thought I would share it in a poem. Mostly life hacks and principles I believe can lead to less stress and success. During my time CSUCI's Back to the Basics, leadership retreat, we were taught a very important lesson. I am the owner of my success and failures, and both by the grace of God.  I hope to resonate with my own words a