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::Jay Shree Ganeshay Namah:: Proverbs 4:26,27 Listen to a Father's Instruction … Watch the path of your feet And all your ways will be established.  Do not turn to the right nor to the left; Turn your foot from evil....    Hello All! This poem written by me on  08/01/2017 has a huge impact on me and my life. When I wrote this I had no Idea just 24 Hours later what was waiting for me and to be honest that was something which had an astounding effect on my life. People who were part of this episode will know what I am talking about. So there it goes: 1:55       The blooming flower in midst of monsoon cloud,                                          Blossom in yellow red cried aloud. There hindering sunlight was a mighty cloud,                            Planning to wrap-up the flower in a shroud. The cloud coming from the ocean was dark and high,                                 Stood there brave and did not bother fly.