Lady Chica, First of her name!

The cat who has bitten me at least three times but still loves me. I met chica in 2015 and since then only I grew old. In the world of satire, her church is called the church of selfishness and she is our lady of perpetual selfishness. I love her dearly and hence in her honor, I dedicate this hymn to her church!! I hope you like it!

The Furry Wonder of Cherry Street

Once there lived a furry wonder on Cherry Street
                        Her belly welcoming roll on the ground was a treat
The soul gazing yellow eyes were judging how you are
                       Wet food and hunger determined the judgment bizarre

She was so furry that she left you totally amazed
                   Always challenged by fast squirrels as jays she gazed 
Her belly was so furry and it looked like a pillow
                     The nature of what she proudly carried on body billow. 

The habit of her early morning complain therapy
                   Meowing was not exactly what my ears called a melody
The free food was something she entitled herself 
                    Complaining she runs to the food containing  wood shelf 

She is a living legend and to know her is a privilege
                      Her Catly presence makes us feel every bit of her patronage
We live to sing her glory and her hymns Magnifica
                       That furry wonder of Cherry Street is called lady Chica!!  

----Dhruv Pandya
Camarillo, CA


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