A dunce's vision

A Dunce's Vision

We all are dunces, in-out of our desire to understand the vision. Our vision to fulfill our life's purpose. During that journey, we are often distracted and spend our life narrowing down to one achievable goal. Your heart knows what it desires from the beginning, and looking in your heart can be fruitful. For me, it's GOD who lives in my heart. and hence in this poem, my dunce asks GOD what would be his vision for Dunce's life. It's then when he finds peace and grace. I hope you enjoy and like it. 

There was a happy traveler once
at learning life, he was a dunce.
He set out to seek life's purpose
super confident with heart nervous

First, he looked at the north horizon
and thought this is worth a vision
A vision, to be like the bright sun
be radiant and bright unlike anyone

Like the Sun! he proclaimed, looks south
his eyes see the rain with open mouth.
He thinks this is worth a vision!
A vision to fulfilling and nourishing,
be like rains and help farms flourishing

Like Rain! he proclaimed, looks east
his eyes look upon a magnificent beast
He thinks this is worth a vision!
A vision to be magnificent and strong,
like the lion, be in the local folk song

Like the lion! he proclaimed, looks west
He is convinced he shall now find the best
his eyes look upon the wast mighty ocean
the salty, unfulfilling ocean lacks devotion

Never like ocean! he proclaimed, looks at sky!
Dear God, which direction you want me to fly?
A vision worth listening to, he strongly believes!
Suddenly a striking peace, the dunce achieves

Finally, Peace! he proclaims and closes eyes,
understanding the purpose, his joyful spirit flies
Flies towards the soul's ultimate fulfillment
Dunce finds his vision in God's agreement.

-Dhruv Pandya


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