The Right Way! 

Riding on the train looking out of the window on how much fast the beauty of the grasslands passes. I propose the slower approach which can prove much fruitful and robust. It can be good to take a breath and appreciate the beauty around us...

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The world always seeks you to drive 
Under pressure, you are expected to thrive

Thrive under pressure which is man  given
Violations are not expected to be simply forgiven

Runs fast and clueless, oh man! runs fast,
fears & worries on his shoulders from future & past

Oaks grow slow, strong roots and stand tall,
Blowing winds, earthquakes, doesn't make them fall

Slowing down can sometimes be very helpful,
Gaze around, take a breath, world is very beautiful

The flowers bloom in colors incomprehensible,
Patterns so full of art, fragrances valuable,

So, give a hug to a brother who looks serious,
Share your kindness, your smile very precious

Look up in the sky, appreciate God's settings,
You won't fall by sharing your given blessings

In fact, slowing down will enable to thrive,
Positiveness amongst people you will drive.

There will be no pressure on you felt forever
But you will be filled with love oh my dear!

Shed your fear for the future & the Past! 
You will win and won't have to ever run fast.

-----Dhruv Pandya


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